Baseimmune is a machine learning platform for vaccine creation. It develops mutation-proof vaccines that are prepared for how viruses will evolve. Pathogens are evolving constantly to adapt and ensure their survival. As a result they are a constantly moving target for vaccines. Some vaccines may work for a short period, whilst others may never be able to keep up with a pathogens variation. Baseimmune uses deep learning to predict the direction that a pathogen will take to create vaccines that are steps ahead.






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Baseimmune focuses on the antigen, which is the part of a vaccine that mimics the virus. Their platform tells vaccine developers which parts of a virus should be put into the antigen to maximise immune response. Critically, the Baseimmune platform can predict how variants of a virus will evolve. This allows Baseimmune to develop vaccines that are prepared for future mutations.

The Baseimmune team comes from the renowned Jenner Institute for vaccine research at Oxford. The CEO Josh and CSO Ariane both have PhDs and postdocs in vaccines, and the third co-founder Phil is a self-taught computer scientist who did not attend university.

“A virus is a moving dart board; you need an antigen that is prepared for how it will move, if you want to keep hitting the bullseye.”

Joshua Blight