Our Vision


The future will be written by creators. The biggest questions facing humanity require invention, not incremental change. We need individuals who force the boundaries of what is possible into retreat.

At Creator Fund we believe in scientific founders.

We back individuals who have mastered the laws of their field so they might break them. Technical leaders who have refined their craft through study and experimentation, and have now turned to invention.

A scientific founder believes that ideas are too powerful to stay in a laboratory. Inside their genes lies a hunger to build. They believe ideas should lead to action. They have the dogged conviction of a craftsman who has obsessed over their work, long before anyone else noticed. Because they know their innovation is radical enough to change the world.

Scientific founders need a special type of partner. They need someone who can see their potential before the polish, and who wants to join them on the outer edges of what’s possible.

That’s where you’ll find Creator Fund.

Are you a founder building on the frontier?

Apply through this application to be considered for an investment from Creator Fund.